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Eulaton UM Breakfast 10/19/08
Another Blessed Day 09/07/08
Faithful Servants 08/30/08
Sunday School 07/20/08
Friendship 06/22/08 Breakfast
and Pastor Eddie's First Sunday

First UMC 04/27/08 Breakfast
Speaker Sharmaine Jemison 03/30/08
Easter 03/23/08
Jacksonville UMC 03/09/08 Breakfast
Piedmont UMC 03/02/08 Breakfast
Black History 02/24/08
Youth Explosion
Youth Explosion Practice
Oxford First 12/09 Breakfast
Haven UMC Serves Breakfast
11/11/2007 Just some great kids
Amy Bowers Speaks
Eulaton Serves Breakfast
Sept Breakfast with Weaver UMC
Aug Breakfast with Craig Memorial
July Special Guest The Michams
July Breakfast with Weaver
July Breakfast with Friendship
Front Porch Sunday School

June with Jackie Jackson
June Breakfast with Anniston First
June Breakfast with Weaver
May Breakfast with Oxford First
May Pell City/Chris Howard
May Joint Service Pictures
May 13, Morning Worship
Goshens' Breakfast Pictures
Quinten Adams' Pictures

Black History Month Pictures
January Breakfast Pictures

Pictures from Dr Sayer
More Thanksgiving Dinner Pictures

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